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xtronic - EMI Thermal Management

Fabric Over Foam
(FAB Series)
Xtronic has a wide range of metal fabric over foam profiles. The product is formed by wrapping an open cell polyurethane foam core with a nickel over copper plated polyester fabric. This provides a non corrosive, effective and very economical conductive strip or pad and is available with or without a PSA backing.

DownloadFAB Series - Fabric Over Foam

Wire Mesh Over Elastomer
(WME Series)
Wire mesh over elastomer consists of a double layer wire mesh which has been knitted over a formed elastomer core, typically round or rectangular core. The outer wire mesh acts as an EMI shield whilst the inner elastomer core acts as a dust and moisture seal as well as providing the normal force for the shield.

The standard mesh material is Monel or tin-plated copper clad steel (SnCuFe).

For applications such as cabinet doors Xtronic offers non fraying version cut in length to your requirements.

DownloadWME Series - Wire Mesh Over Elastomer

Oriented Wires in Silicone
(WOS Series)
Gasketing material produced from the combination of specification grade silicone and wire; used in sheet and strip form.

The silicone elastomer acts as an environmental seal; while the wires provide excellent conductivity to establish EMI/RFI integrity.

Available in both solid and sponge silicone, as well as Floro Silicon with aluminium or monel wires. Custom compositions are available on request.

While primarily suggested for use in gasket applications requiring high levels of attenuation along with a moisture seal; because of its economics, it is also
recommended for commercial shielding. Order with or without PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive), in sheet, strip or custom form as you require.

Listed are the most commonly used substrates. Other combinations may be available upon request.

DownloadWOS Series- Wire Oriented Silicone

Conductive Elastomers

(Series CFE)
Xtronic has a wide choice of conductive moulded elastomers.

These elastomers are a unique composite of high quality silicone and conductive particles which are manufactured to meet all the advanced military and electronic requirements.

Some applications require high end performance in shielding, environmental sealing and durability. The part numbering system is designed to allow a fully flexible selection process so that all combinations of filler and elastomers are available to meet users' cost and specification.
The part numbers in the CFE series depict the use of microscopic particles to establish a conductive path within the elastomers. This yields a highly versatile group of gasketing materials for use in EMI/RFI suppression.

The second digit in the CFE series specifies the type of elastomers to be used and the grade of the final product. Commercial grade shielding elastomers are for those applications that require good performance. The Military Grade material is produced to meet the more demanding EMI/RFI requirements and can be certified to meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-83528, missile and weapons specifications.

DownloadCFE Series - Conductive Filled Elastomer

Finger Strip
(BCF/SSF Series)
Beryllium Copper provides excellent EMI protection when used as a gasket, due to its high electrical conductivity. This combined with its other main features of high tensile strength, fatigue resistance and its spring like qualities makes the ideal material for use in applications such as enclosure door surrounds/seals, where repeated opening and closing is likely to occur. The major advantage that Beryllium Copper gaskets have over most other conductive gaskets is that they will tolerate a wiping or shearing action, whereas other materials must have a normal compressive force applied to them.

Beryllium Copper finger strips are supplied in standard lengths, other lengths may be supplied as custom. The strips have a bright copper finish as standard but can also be plated with Tin, Nickel etc to provide galvanic compatibility with your enclosure. These strips are also available in stainless steel.

DownloadBCF/SSF Series - Finger Strip

Earthing Straps
(EST Series)
Earthing Straps are designed to provide low impedance paths for EMC generated currents.

Earthing straps are a low cost effective way of reducing EMC problems, they are flexible and easy to fit.

Completely tinned provides corrosion resistance and can also be supplied with all round insulation.

DownloadEST Series - Earthing Straps

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