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xtronic - EMI Thermal Management

Download the product literature and datasheets.

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DownloadFAB Series - Fabric Over Foam

DownloadWME Series - Wire Mesh Over Elastomer

DownloadWOS Series- Wire Oriented Silicone

DownloadCFE Series - Conductive Filled Elastomer

DownloadBCF/SSF Series - Finger Strip

DownloadEST Series - Earthing Straps


DownloadTCI Series - Thermally Conductive Insulators

DownloadMSC Series - Mounting Spring Clips

DownloadTGF Series - Thermal Graphite Foil

DownloadTHT Series - Thermal Tubes

DownloadBSH Series - Insulating Bush

DownloadGF Series - Gap Fillers

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