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xtronic - EMI Thermal Management

Thermally Conductive Insulators
(TCI Series)

Thermally conductive insulators are available in various material grades to provide the ideal insulator for almost every application without the need for a thermal compound.

Insulators are available with pressure sensitive adhesive which is an assembly aid and does not affect the wide operating range.
Custom shapes can be cut with a moderate tooling charge, material can also be supplied in sheet form.

DownloadTCI Series - Thermally Conductive Insulators

Transistor Spring And Gull Wing Clips

(MSC Series)

Spring Clips - Compared to the conventional nut, bolt and insulating bush method spring clips offer a low cost and fast way of mounting plastic case transistors.

Contact is made with the middle of the transistor which provides an even pressure and good thermal contact. Clips allow transistors to operate at higher voltages.

Gull Wing Clips - Offer an easy way of mounting one or two plastic case transistors in a small place. Gull wing clips deliver high mounting pressure to the centre of the transistor case providing maximum heat transfer.

DownloadMSC Series - Mounting Spring Clips

Thermal Graphite Foil
(TGF Series)

Graphite foil is a dry alternative to thermal compound. Its composition is 98% graphite and by its nature it offers both thermal and electrical conductivity. Low thermal resistance means that the foil can be used in high power applications where maximum heat transfer is essential. High electrical conductivity is a natural property because of the graphite structure. The foil provides a consistent low resistance path between transistor and heatsink. Contamination is eliminated because the foil does not outgas or migrate like some thermal compounds, it does not shrink or dry out. Foils are available with an adhesive coating on one side Note this will significantly increase the thermal resistance.

Shapes can be cut to customer specification or the material can be supplied in sheets.

DownloadTGF Series - Thermal Graphite Foil

Thermal Tubes

(THT Series)

Thermatubes have been designed to meet VDE specification for insulation. Clip mounted plastic power pack will meet much higher flash testing requirements than screw mounted devices but, by using clip mount therma tubes, an even higher level of electrical isolation is acheived while still maintaining a good thermal performance. The semiconductor is inserted into the therma tube which provides an all round shroud. The tubes flexible wall accomodates most standard packages and retains the advice ready for assembly. Spring clips are suitable for use with therma tubes and will accommodate heatsink panel thickness of 1.2 to2.0 for T0-220 and T0-3P transistors.

DownloadTHT Series - Thermal Tubes

Insulating Bush

(BSH Series)

For optimum insulation the shank length dimension (D) should be long enough to locate inside the heatsink bolt hole. The insulating pad fixing hole should be the same dimension as the insulating bush shank width dimension (B). The maximum operating temperature for GF nylon is 125°C.

DownloadBSH Series - Insulating Bush

DownloadGF Series - Gap Fillers

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